About Us

How We Got Started

This business was created out of the owners passion for animals. Growing up in a household surrounded by dogs and cats alike fueled the deep desire to continue a life working with them. As a senior in high school, he worked on a project to become a Certified Therapy Dog Handler. While working with his dog Zoey throughout the process, he obtained that goal and Zoey also received an award called The Canine Good Citizenship Award. The experience of taking Zoey into environments and brightening the days of others in nursing homes and in a local Ronald McDonald House, made Jarad realize something beautiful. He realized not only how much others loved the joy brought to them from animals, but also the enjoyment and pure happiness he got from being around these wonderful animals. Realizing his own passion for this, he knew that working with animals for the rest of his life was something that he would never regret, and so, Busy Pawz was born.

Jarad wants to bring his passion and love for animals to the world, and with your vote of confidence in him and in Busy Pawz, you are helping to make this world a better place for not only humans, but for the animals you love too!

Our Mission Statement

Busy Pawz offers top quality services for pets, from the silly to the serious we offer an individualized approach to each pet to assure best possible care, whether that is walking, pet sitting or transportation to vet or grooming appointments.


Our Differentiation

Busy Pawz owner has extensive dog training being a certified therapy dog handler and treats each client as family.   Busy Pawz owners are committed to customizing our service to each pet making sure trust is built ensuring a positive experience for the pet as well as the pet owner.